Sargsyan and Hartl OG

Our Educational Offer


Lifelong learning“ is now a well-established term in our society and it is generally considered that lifelong learning is necessary for social and economic needs. Flexibility in daily working routine and a permanent change of processes always pose new challenges for the working society - therefore life-long learning is indispensable.

The offered modules are stand under the model “value-oriented and practice-oriented leadershipresponsibility in the management" and are to be considered supplemental to

university studies.

Our education offer are part-time courses offered as distance learning course (E-Learing) and can be booked over a period of one, two or three semesters.

Vision and Mission

  • Recognize and implement innovative ideas
  • Result-oriented planning and action
  • Courage to decide and take responsibility
  • Communication and motivation skills in teams
  • Extensive system comprehension and economic action especially in the health care sector
  • Cross-thinking and civil courage
  • Intercultural and interdisciplinary competence

Target Group 


The educational offer of our Elite Academy Graz Program targets at professionals, who wants to educate themselves in following specialist fields:

  • Innovation Management
  • Change Management.
  • Management and Leadership in the Health Care Sector

The educational offer of our Elite Academy Graz Program is internationally oriented. All modules are offered in English.


Prerequisites for admission to the educational offer of the Elite Academy Graz are:

  • a high school diploma and
  • a two-year professional experience in management


Basis Training :        Duration  180 (TU) Teaching units und 270 hours self-study

                                       Completion with confirmation of participation (without exam)

With qualification: Duraction additional 270 Teaching units und 450 hours self-study

                                       Completion with certificate (with exam for qualification)

With diploma:         Duraction additional 180 Teaching units und 270 hours self-study

                                      Completion with certificate (with exam for qualification)